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New Article:
Audiophile - The Quintessential Aesthetic Listener

Three posts on Constantine Soo's Dagogo site:

Rocket Science applied to Extreme Audio

Review of Boelen/Noble Mod of TM Ovation Plus

Review of Digital-Precise

Metrum Octave NOS DAC

Hello Greg: I received the unit, and it is a clear improvement. I hear a larger sound stage primarily front to back and height. With symphony and choral music I hear more individual voices/instruments, and more detail in general. There is more decay and hall ambience heard. Timbre of wood instruments is improved. If I had to pick a number, I would say there is a 40% overall improvement. There is also more "meat on the bones." If the Metrum Octave has any weakness, that is it, which has been almost completely corrected. In combination with my Empirical Audio Synchromesh resampler with Hynes power supply, I think it is within 5% of almost any DAC at any price. I really appreciate what you did for me. It is a no-brainer that I want to have my other Metrum Octave DAC Modified. I am shipping it to you today! Please do all the same modifications.

Many thanks,


Balanced Alalog-Precise

Hello guys. First let me say that I am completely thrilled with the performance of your balanced analog precise interconnect cables. I am hearing all of the detail and refinement I expected to hear. With the volume at ten and no program material; I hear nothing....... no buzzing ............ no humming ....... no hissing. Nothing but silence (on all seven channels). Anything less than this level of performance would have been unacceptable (I expected quiet); but still I find it hard to believe that after years of unwanted cable noise you guys could actually provide this level of silence. All of this performance delivered at the modest price I paid in comparison to what I have paid for noisy audiophile cables in the past is truly astounding. Keep up the great work and I hope you will not be the best kept secret in the cable community too much longer.

Your biggest fan,

Mike McCarthy

DSP-7000 Mods

Thanks Thom & Greg, The past weekend I spent a lot more time with the DSP-7000. While it was out for service, I had been using the DAC function from a network player Marantz 7004. Did some comparison over the weekend. The EAD easily blew the Marantz away. It is hard to accept the fact newer technology is not on par with a 20 year old unit, but that is a fact. The music from EAD has much wider dynamic and brighter range on each end.(at least from my ears). You guys did such a good job to the level I almost regretted that I did not push for some further mods. Oh well, have to stop somewhere. I am just as happy that I am able to enjoy it now and for many years to come.
Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2014


TheaterMaster Mods

The TheaterMaster is excellent and better than ever even before full burn in. Dynamics are greatly improved. Noise floor has dropped some. The IR works much better. The problems I was having with macro timing seem to have disappeared now—not sure why but so far that seems to be the case.
Thanks again for fixing everything so quickly.

Richard Rives

TheaterMaster 8 Greg,

I received the TM8 and went home for "lunch". I had to give it a listen, I didn't even do any speaker adjustments yet and went ahead and put in the Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" DTS. Blew - Me - AWAY. I don't know if it's just that I spend a lot of money so my mind is saying, "Yeah, this sounds better". but I really doubt it. It just sounds smooth and sweet! I don't consider myself as a true audiophile or experienced listener but can the Ovation sound so hugely better than my old Encore? I got goose bumps on some of the tracks. It's like when I went from my $400 receiver to the Encore and PM1000..it seems like it's that much improved. AND NO MORE CLICKING and POPPING between tracks etc. I am sooo excited, thanks for hanging in there with EAD and supporting us die hards. I gotta figure out a way to get out of the office this afternoon so I can put in some of my old favorites (Jennifer Warnes - Blue Raincoat and Hunter). If you haven't already, give her a listen, awesome vocalist and some of the best engineered CD's I've heard (she does a lot of the post console work herself and knows what she wants) Anyway, I gotta figure out how to get outta here so I can go home and play!



Chao Greg

After two days of burn-in, I audited carefully both in multichannel music and movie sound tracks. It’s definitely superior than the manufacturing cable in term of sound stage, separation, details and surround sound effects. The new IC now further reveals all details and good sounds of the EAD TM which have been heavily upgraded. Just like a light curtain of the stage was lift off for sounds presented. From my own view, if other important mods have been done on EAD TM, the 60-pin pure silver/teflon/ cloth of Noble can give a better result and more cost efficient than upgrading the interconnects between EAD TM and Power amplifier. Cam on Ban nhieu for excellent product, services and recommendation. Thanks.

Chuc Ban moi dieu tot lanh.


08-18-10: Audioezra Here is my humble idea for a keeper amp, ready for this? Ead 8300 amp by Noble electronics. Greg and Tom are two of the best engineers of high end electronics that I have had the opportunity to meet. I have owned a lot of high end amps, My latest were hand built in Denmark, they listed at $24000.00 per pair. I had three pair. Why, my speakers use eight channels of power. I use Magico reference speakers. The sound of the Noble electronic defies all that I have experienced with musicality, air, timbrel accuracy, pace, spacial placement of performers, bass, mid's treble it has it all, and after 35 years of high end as an audiophile, I know a little about this craft. I am in shock and awe of it's performance. Now I wonder about these prices and hype of many high end companies.To Greg and Tom, you deserve a first class salute, for integrity, honesty, and fairness. I have had what some would call it all, this amp takes the top cookie. I must say that I had most of my parts upgraded in my amp, cost a little but is it worth it. Call them and talk to them about getting one for yourself. This is my experience, in my system and to and for my ears. I am not telling anybody to do anything, understand, this is my personal opinion and experience. I am not open to dicussion, just a heads up no rudeness intended. I am sure that Nobles electronics will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Cheer's


Hi Greg, Thom,
Well, I have to give you my impression about your ex EAD DSP 7000 MK3 Matt, and about your mods Greg and Thom. In first, It’s not so easy for me to write, or speak, in English but I try and in second, Noble do rectifier, blackgates, opamp, Vishay resistor level 1 mods and also they put and AES Input and convert the voltage 220 from 110. Very well packed, very good cosmetic, all paper, a very professional work ! 2 weeks the MK3 play in my system. I use only the SPDIF coaxial input because I’m still waiting for a 110 ohm cable from Australia to make a AES cable. So, my system, is a high efficiency system with Phy HP in full range, Raven 2 tweeter play to 9.35 KHz to 40 KHZ and a subwoofer with a Monacor Raptor 12 who play from 60 Hz to 30 Hz. In fact, it’s a full range system with the ad of a woofer and a tweeter but without filtration on the Phy HP. I get a Pionner PDS 06 as drive and a tascam DV R A1000 for test. A linn Basik with Denon DL 301 and Luxman 5c50 as phono stage. The amplifiers are class D DIY amplifier with LC Audio Technology moduls (150 W power) but with a very big transformer, not use switch power and use very expensive rectifier. A passive preamplifier from Promitheus Audio and I’m waiting a new amplifier from Audio-GD A lot of words to give you an idea about my sound and my “road” in high fidelity, try to find a system natural but straight… Last thing, I used little tweaked dac before, one NOS Derek Dac D1 and one 24/ 192 (without oversampling) Zhaolu D3. I know I can get better sound with a better dac but, in fact, those little Chinese dacs show you that you have to spend big money to get better. So I put the EAD in my system and not a revolution in first, better in bass control, better in “silent”, in aeration but it need to run one week before I know. So I listen my music and after one week I seat down and well listen. A little bit “clear” in fact, can be tiring. I remember I put Litz wire in HP cable to have more dynamic with my other dac. So I put back a Cu cable, Mogami 3103, the sound came more natural. In fact, for me, the cable is a association bizness, sometime the litz or silver wire will be better and sometime a 4 mm Cu cable will be better… The bass are very impressive, well modulate, “tense” and when you up the volume the bass are still tense… Very impressive ! The detail and the silent in music are better with the EAD, the dynamic too… In fact it do all thing better than my tweak Zhaolu D3. I’m happy, it’s steel a good dac this EAD 7000 Mk3 !!! I listen more music, listen with higher volume and understand the “philosophy” of this EAD. I thing that this EAD are in the class of “straight dac” like Wadia, MSB, Apogee, DCS, it’s not a romantic dac like some Meridian or Proceed… But It get a very special thing that you don’t find with MSB or Wadia, not a smooth medium, but a “natural” medium… With Wadia or MSB in my system I was very impressive with their performance but too cold for me… With this EAD, I get performance with more “natural”… It’s difficult, for me, to explain all that in English but I try for you to give you a feed back… In fact, I’m very happy,this dac will stay on my system for a long time… So thanks to you, Matt to sell it and Greg and Thom to “mod” it !



Hello Greg,
Turns out that my initial impressions sold the upgrade a little short. I fired up season one of the Sopranos on blu ray last night and I felt the sound was nothing short of astonishing. And I don't think that the DTS master was even that good on that disc. I've also been doing some more focused music listening with similar results. I still don't have my rear speakers hooked up yet, and my room is very live as I have no rug yet in the room, and nothing on the walls yet. I actually have some sound panels/room treatments on order and I plan on putting an area rug in front of the system. I am quite confident that after I treat the room, the sound will be even better. I must confess, I was conflicted about putting any more money into this processor, and investing more in almost decade old digital technology, but now I am very glad that I did. It is very clear that after being an "audiophile" for almost 30 years (I had my first component system when I was 12 years old), I have finally arrived in the "big leagues" with this upgrade.

Thanks Greg.

TheaterMaster 8 Mods

Just a quick thanks for doing a great job on my TM Ovation 8 mods and upgrades. Even this 70 year old can tell the difference. Great sounds. I am enjoying it more than ever.

Pete Rocchio

EAD T1000

Hi Thom and Greg-
Well - I went out to the UPS depot and got the T1000 this evening. Its in my system now and I've got to say - I am mightily impressed. The unit is sharper and more nuanced than I expected. I also notice a deeper spatial quality as well - really extraordinary sound-staging. I was quite anxious about the extra money being spent - I have a relatively limited budget - but I can perceive a significant improvement. I want to thank you for your help along the way.

K M Near

DSP-7000 Mods

This is just a note to say thanks for the job done in repairing and upgrading my DSP 7000III processor. Your professionalism and knowledge of the work to be performed made my repair/mod decision easier to reach. That being said I am absolutely stunned by the tremendous difference the various mods made to my 7000III produced. The total presentation is marvelously transformed, detailed is resolved more completely, the soundstage and sense of depth grew and the balance in the presenence of instruments makes old well known recordings sound new. I would highly recommend the upgrade path I took on my 7000III to any one on the fence about having this done. The difference is truly profound in the most positive manner I can convey. I am thoroughly satisfied. Now pardon me as I go upstairs to listen to some music.


A review of the Noble-200 Audiophile Amplifier

As I sit here and listen to this new offering from Noble Electronics I can only sit here in disgust with all the money that has been thrown out the window on so called "hi end" gear.

Some time ago I asked Greg to build an amplifier with a realistic price of $4000.00 that we both felt would have all the benefits, and characteristics of a hi end piece i.e. Levinson, with Audio Note, Krell, Goldmund ect. and that would have all the attributes and plusses of the amps mentioned. Well, Greg busily searched for an amplifier in the professional end of the market. We both knew reliability was of the utmost importance since most consumer pieces drop by the way side.

Greg chose a Professional Studio series amp as the base unit, because of their reputation and trouble-free characteristics. Listening to this amp in stock version was surely less than enlightening according to Greg and Thom. With the aid Of Robert Palma they put their heads together to determine where the unit was weak. Without getting into the technical jargon, it was pretty much decided the entire unit had to be gutted and high quality parts installed including Power DNAs. The final touch was to install a beautiful cherry faceplate with the Noble name and model number of the amplifier lasered in.

Well now for the best part: Without question I know of no solid state amplifier that can equal or exceed this amplifier at ANY price point. Transients, midrange, bass, imaging are dead on the money. Not only that, but it sounds natural, with absolutely no coloration of any kind. Having spent almost 48 hours with this piece, manufacturers better take note on how to build a quality amplifier because there is a new sheriff in town and it is called NOBLE.

If you have been lost and confused with all the Hoopla and "Soup De Jour" in consumer electronics, this amp is the real deal.

Again, you bested yourself this time Greg

Theater Master upgrade by Noble.

So, if you have an EAD TM, and you think about buying new gear, think twice! I bet you can't get any pre-amp under 5K$ that beats the sound of a modified TM. And then you have the benefit of surround sound in the same unit. If you don't have one, find one, and send it in! read the entire review

Henning from Denmark

TheaterMaster Ovation 8 Mods

Wunderbar! Ich bin sehr beindruckt. Mehr Dynamik , mehr Ruhe , eine gesteigerte Auflösung, eine breitere Bühne, kurz gesagt: Einfach komplett besser. Ich dachte nicht dass man mit so geringen finanziellen Mitteln eine solch enorme Steigerung erreichen kann.

Vielen Dank an das Noble Team.


Marvelous! I am very much impressed. More dynamics, more peace, an increased resolution, a broader stage, briefly said: Simply completely better. I did not think that someone can make this enormous increase for so little money.

Thank you to the Noble team.


As the Theater Master Signature in stock form outperforms just about anything available today, the continuing modifications performed by Noble Electronics just continue to astound me. The latest being the silver wire upgrade from the DAC boards to the Mother board. This addition brings this piece to State of the art performance. Having owned extremely expensive pieces, I can say without reservation that for a fraction of the cost the same or better performance can be and has been achieved. Finally all,the benefits of 2 channel have been realized with superb Home Theater as the bonus. My advice is make sure to get this upgrade done.

Another great product from Noble.The power DNAs are icing on the cake to the already great modification solutions produced by Greg and Robert.The Power DNAs will take any amplifier to a new level in dynamics,and overall presentation without any coloring or sonic signature.What you get is pure music,the way it was recorded and intended to be heard. Bravo!

Thanks Greg,
The power DNA s are great! Very quiet!

Richard Romanelli

Greg and Frank,
I would like to commend you on your modifications that you have performed on my EAD equipment and Philips SACD 1000.As you know one of the commercial modders had done some previous work on the Philips and in my opinion was not up top snuff. Once you installed your DNA system into this piece it turned into a state of the art unit. As for the EAD pieces, it is pretty much of a no brainer that a well designed piece can be taken to a new level with your modifications. I just wanted to let you know, that for the first time in my ownership of hi end gear I am 100% satisfied and it will be a long time, if ever, that I will be looking for replacements. Thanks you for your prompt and friendly service, which seems to be-something sorely lacking in this field.--


Hi Greg,
I have been listening to my Ovation+ modded by you a few weeks ago and wanted to say that your modifications have taken my very nice sounding Pre/Pro to a level where I thought it could never reach. What can I say but thank you very much for your efforts and expertise in turning my Ovation + into such a sweet sounding processor. Bass response, transparency, inner detail, and an extremely clean and black background have all been elevated to a level which is just a joy to sit down and listen to. It is musicality heightened to a silky smooth and relaxing listening experience. I just love its presentation-the smoothness, almost liquid ease of playback. Just amazes me after having lived with the original Ovation+ for a few years. Best mod upgrade I have done in many years. Thanks again. I will make it a point to let any other EAD users who have original EAD Encore/sOvations/Signatures units to seriously consider using your services to upgrade their processors into something truly special.

Best Regards,
Brian O'Keefe

Thanks very much, Greg. A+++ with the mods you did to my Ovation+. You turned my O+ into a sonic champ with your expertise. The mods are VERY highly recommended.


Very pleased, wish I had done these mods a long time ago--many subtle changes


"The sound is way better. Cleaner, better definition, dynamics and separation from top to bottom. Less grudge and a layer of haze has been lifted. Tighter bass and just a more sophisticated sound overall. To all involved a great job!"

Alan Hyman

"Comparing my EAD DSP 7000 Series III to a fully modified one revealed a big across-the-board difference. The Boelen modified unit, removing an overlay of hash and grunge, had smoother more delicate highs and significantly more transparency throughout the frequency range with enhanced depth….I look forward to hearing what the other mods do. I'm delighted to see Noble (Boelen) allowing owners of the excellent EAD products to continue to keep their investment competitive."


Theater Master upgrade by Noble.

As I found out that EAD had closed down, I was in doubt if I wanted to stay with the EAD brand or maybe switch to another high end product. Living in Denmark, there are many local high end products, but owning a EAD, is something special I think. I was still happy with the Theater Master though, but I knew that there was something better out there! (The decease of many Audio nerds). I was surfing on the internet one evening, and found a test, Http://www.dagogo.com/NobleElecEADOvationPlus.html , of a Theatermaster Ovation+, like my own. Only this one had been modified by a company called Noble Electronics. This company is staffed by former EAD "members", so I found it very interesting. After some e-mailing, with Thom, I took the step to send the unit overseas to Fairfield, IA. 1400 $ +shipping is a lot of money in my pocketbook, and I was very curious if it was all worth it. Sometimes your worries is a waste, the money is very well spend! As the unit came back I listened, and found a much better sound. I was very surprised, that an upgrade could make the sound so much better. (The TM is very very good in stock!!) Now, after a few months listening, the sound is even better. I have not heard anything better, that's what I like! I'll try to explain what I hear, though I'm no HiFi review writer. It might not be "the right terms", but it's my terms: The sound is now more accurate, but still very musical. (I still tap my foot…A lot!) There's more silence when there must be silence, I hear the instruments even better from each other, than before. The instruments, a triangle f.ex. gets to ring out more. Take the Dire Straits album from 78, Dire Straits, track 2 Water of Love, there's more bass, more details, and overall more music! Same goes with Queen, my favorite album by the band, Sheer Heart Attack from 74. Stone Cold Crazy sounds so good. Switching to the newer version, with Metallica, from Garage Inc., the sound is naturally more modern. I hear the drumbeats by Ulrich very detailed, the guitars are dead sharp, the bass is heavy, and Hetfields voice is right there. Amazing!

What I'm saying with these examples, is that it is very important for me, that my gear is capable of playing my old CD's, and still make them sound good, or better. Most stereos in the better end, make Diana Krall sound like a goddess, and easily impress the listener. The art is to make most music sound better. Now I know it doesn't get any better than the recording, and that's the point too. The TM does the job to my very best approval.

So, if you have an EAD TM, and you think about buying new gear, think twice! I bet you can't get any pre-amp under 5K$ that beats the sound of a modified TM. And then you have the benefit of surround sound in the same unit. If you don't have one, find one, and send it in!

Thom and Greg, thank you for the very good service, and a job well done!

Regards, Henning

  Noble Electronics Inc.   1973 155th. Street  Fairfield, Iowa 52556  usa