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Noble UHPR

Noble-Modified Ultra High Precision Resistor Modules

UHPR .4" and .2" lead spacing

Noble has developed ultra-precise Vishay resistor modules with a TCR of + 0.05PPM. Noble UHPR modules have cryogenically-treated 99.9999% solid core pure silver wire solder leads and a thin Teflon PTFE resistor casing. Built to improve of the sonic signature in any critical audio path, Noble makes Vishay's latest UHP technology practical and available to the audiophile.

  • Increased audio transparency in critical audio signal paths.
  • Reduced noise in applied circuit paths.
  • More natural sonic signature in applied circuit paths.
  • Increased circuit stability.
  • Superior performance, long-term stability, ultra-stable
    temperature coefficient (TCR) and precision tolerances to + 0.01%.
  • TCR of + 0.05 PPM/deg C. (0 deg. C to 60 deg. C)
  • Non-inductive, non-capacitive design
  • Reduced current noise: measured at -42dB
  • Faster rise time: 1 ns without ringing
  • Increased long-term reliability and stability
  • Solder leads are securely strain-relieved to the substrate
  • Resistors values from 10 ohms to 150K ohms
  • Standard tolerances up to + 0.01%
    250 ohms to 150K ohms + 0.01%
    100 ohms to 250 ohms + 0.02%
    50 ohms to 100 ohms + 0.05%
    25 ohms to 50 ohms + 0.1%
    10 ohms to 25 ohms + 0.25%

  • Available power ratings:
    .3 watts -- 10 ohms to 40K ohms, max. 110 V*
    .5 watts -- 10 ohms to 100K ohms, max. 200 V*
    .75 watts -- 10 ohms to 150k ohms, max. 220 V*
    * Maximum allowed applied voltage assuming power dissipation limit is observed
  • Available in matched sets.

  • .2" or .4" lead spacing. Lead lengths 1" nominal. Optional longer lengths available, also with Teflon sleeving.

Technical features of the Noble UHPR Module:

TCR of + 0.05 PPM/deg C.
TCR is defined as Temperature Coefficient of Resistance. TCR refers to the change of the resistors value in relationship to the change of temperature. The lower the number the lower the resistance drift due to temperature change. As an example a resistor of 10,000 ohms with a 100 PPM TCR will change 1 ohm for every 1 degree C of change in temperature. A 1 PPM part will change only .01 ohms per degree C of change. The Noble Vishay parts will only change .0005 ohms per degree C of change. That is, as the circuit warms up, it does not effect the integrity and stability of the circuit.

Power coefficient due to self heating is 5 PPM/ 0 to 1/2 load.
Power Coefficient or Wattage Coefficient of Resistance is the change of the resistance due to self heating from no load to approximately 1/2 load. If the current in the circuit is changing the resistance will change as a result of self heating. No matter how low the TCR is, if the Power Coefficient is not low the resistor will drift with this self heating effect.

Load Life Stability to + 0.005% (at 70 deg. C)
Load-life stability is the characteristic most relied upon to demonstrate a resistor's long-term reliability. Vishay's UHP design significantly reduces the resistive component's sensitivity to ambient temperature variations and applied power changes.

By providing a high degree of accuracy in fixed-resistor applications and significant reduction of the resistive component's sensitivity to ambient temperature variations and applied power changes, the Noble-Modified Ultra-High-Precision Resistor Modules result in quieter, more transparent and natural sonic character in critical path audio circuits. Noble Electronics has made Vishay's UHP technology available to audiophiles in a useful package with high-end features. Call or email for pricing and delivery.

If you would like to read more about the science behind the audiophile experience, see: The Quintessential Aesthetic Listener

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