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New PowerMaster 8300 series Amps

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Available in Silver or Black "V" cut. Inquire about straight cut.

Noble Electronics will build a limited number of new EAD PowerMaster
8300 series amplifiers under contract to Boelen Electronics Inc. The
amplifiers will conform to EAD specs, will be built with original circuit
parts, and will include a Noble-developed improvement feature for the
control board.  The amps will be made on an order basis, and are available
in several channel configuration options and faceplate finishes.  The base
price for the 8-channel PowerMaster 8300 is $3,750. We can change the
channel configuration to conform to a variety of room requirements, for
example … 5, 6 or 7 channels with a reduction of $250 per channel
from the base price.

Optional Noble Mods:

Power DNA/LPF 
Our LPFs dramatically reduce noise that is
conducted into the system on all amplifier power supply busses. more info
AC Line DNA Used to dissipate the noise on the AC line. more info
FEATURES: • High Continuous Power: The PowerMaster is capable of delivering 300 watts per channel of clean power into 8 ohms, 500 watts into 4 ohms. • The PowerMaster 8300 includes a silent low pressure, high-volume air flow system controlled by the on-board computer. For temperature control under different conditions of use, adjustment of operation is available to the user at installation. • Acculinear Design: PowerMaster utilizes EAD's Acculinear analog design philosophy. This ensures the circuitry always operates in its most linear range-maintaining high “power bandwidth,” and low distortion. • Dynamic Power Steering: Because of the circuitry's very low inter-channel cross talk, an extremely large power supply, including a 2000 VA Plitron transformer, with nearly 1/2 million microfarads of capacitance provides a huge reservoir of power, which can be tapped by any or all channels on an as-needed basis. • Low Inter-channel Cross Talk is achieved by separating the 8 channels into completely separate modules, each with its own “power-supply rejection.” • Balanced Inputs, coupled with bridged output provides symmetrical amplification both inverting and non-inverting signals, for true balanced circuitry from input to output, ensuring common mode noise rejection and cancellation of non-linearities. • Error Diagnostics: The on-board computer contains powerful error diagnostics that warn users against various fault conditions, including: short circuit, over temperature, overvoltage, and undervoltage. The front panel LED signals these fault conditions using Morse code. • Other Features: • Remote on/off uses standard 12 volt trigger signal (connects to EAD TheaterMaster'') • Switchable gain • Premium input and output terminals • Protection circuitry safeguard against over-voltage, under-voltage, temperature overload, short circuit and over-current conditions. PowerMaster 8300 package includes the following items: PowerMaster 8300 high-power, high-fidelity 8-channel amplifier Remote ON/OFF 12 Volt trigger cable Owner's Manual in pdf format. 15 amp - AC Power Cord (U.S. Only) Original packaging materials. 110 lbs. WARRANTY: 1 year on parts and labor by Boelen Electronics. Original PowerMaster 8300 Brochure

PowerMaster 7300 back Panel

PowerMaster 7300 with optional Power DNA/LPF

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